Vicky Graham of Vicky's Donuts - My Big Idea #27

Hello and welcome to episode 27 of the ASOS Podcast, My Big Idea.

This week Caroline speaks with Vicky Graham of Hackney Bakery, Vicky's Donuts.

Vicky's love of baking and numerous trips to visit family in Toronto, Canada led her to setup Vicky's Donuts in February 2015 with the idea to create a selection of donuts typical of the North-American style, with her own twist. Vicky makes a point of using the very best, organic ingredients on offer.
All donut flavours are a combination of classic favourites and inventive originals, some examples being salted caramel and pretzel doughnuts and raspberry and lemon doughnuts, and each recipe has been handcrafted in Vicky's kitchen through a lengthy process of experimentation and taste-testing.
Since its creation, Vicky's has gained huge popularity due to its quirky but classic flavours, being featured in Look, InStyle, Shortlist and Brides magazine.
Vicky tells Asos's Caroline Ferry her advice to young women wanting to build a business in the food industry and her plans for the future of Vicky's bakery.

This is Vicky's big idea.