10/11/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

We’re starting to see signs that President Trump is buckling on his Iran deal promise. The reason? Obama holdovers in the Trump administration are reportedly threatening Trump’s promises to repeal the Iran nuclear deal, but the commander in chief should stick to his guns. It’s very important for this administration to completely scrap the deal, not just renegotiate it. Renegotiation would be a naïve and dangerous move. How many more pieces of paper must we sign with Iran before we realize that they have no intention of complying with it? We signed document after document with North Korea and that didn’t seem to work. After that, all these phony actors and actresses who claim they don’t know anything about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse of women need to be interviewed. The FBI should set up a special sex crimes unit for Hollywood to get to the bottom of it. It should all be known which, actors, and directors were colluding with Weinstein. This is the Hollywood conspiracy of silence. Weinstein's habits were such an open secret they were joked about in the past. Basic morality sounds rather incongruent when it comes to Hollywood but the law applies to them too. The big liberal media, including the New York Times which killed this story on Weinstein also had a part in this. Later, the left is destroying the Boy Scouts and have been after them for decades. Now the Boy Scouts have agreed to accept girls into their program. This change was urged by the National Organization for Women.

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