This week we’re joined by Pete Heritage, Stu’s younger brother, who Stu has described before thus:

It’s hard to overstate how much Pete enjoys exercise, too. Approximately a third of his kitchen space is taken up with colossal tubs of intimidating muscle supplements called things like Donkeykick and Thunderpunch. His favourite story is the one where he went to a meeting and his bicep accidentally ripped through his shirt in front of his boss. He’s one of my favourite people in the entire world, but he does have the teensiest air of steroid-inflicted murder-suicide about him.

In this episode, Pete lists every type of shorts he owns, tries to pronounce “tepid topics section”, and makes some very interesting points about the podcast in general. So don’t delay, listen today! And, obviously, come and see this podcast LIVE in September. Tickets are £9.50, you blinkin’ tightwads. #toughguy

And finally, you can now preorder the book Stu’s writing about Pete, below. It’s out in May 2017!