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Acast was founded in 2014 and is the world’s largest independent podcast company.
A pioneer in the open podcast ecosystem, Acast’s powerful podcast monetization marketplace delivers for
creators and advertisers alike. Advertisers can efficiently target an engaged audience of listeners through
dynamic ad insertion, while podcasters are given access to a range of monetization opportunities — including
paid subscriptions through Acast+ — and the necessary tools to expand their listener base.
If you listen to a podcast hosted with Acast and hear an ad, it’s Acast delivering that audio behind the scenes
— and sharing revenue with the podcaster.

The company has a global footprint across 12 countries and, during 2021, had 3.75 billion listens on Acast-
connected podcasts. Today, Acast hosts 40,000 shows. Acast’s headquarters are located in Stockholm,

Sweden and the Company has nine local subsidiaries in the UK, US, Australia, Norway, France, Germany,
Ireland, Mexico and Canada.

About the role
We are looking for a Software Engineer that has experience with backend development and Continuous Delivery in a microservice environment. You will work in an autonomous, purpose driven team and take an important role in creating and maintaining infrastructure for the other teams. You are expected to contribute with backend development within your team as well as infrastructure setup. We are currently moving our stack to AWS and with this move, you will help automate a lot of this setup, as well as help other teams migrate and develop solutions and best practices together with them. You will also help people understand how to do modern Continuous Delivery in a cloud native way with contract based testing, observability, monitoring/tracing and safe secrets management. You will be working in a multi-disciplinary environment with agile principles. We currently run our infrastructure and systems on Azure, AWS, as well as dedicated servers, and since we use Node.js for our backend systems, you are expected to work with and be interested in that. Most of our services are containerised.


  • Are comfortable writing TypeScript and Node.js
  • Have experience with Continuous Delivery
  • Have experience with contract based testing (or wants to learn)
  • Have experience with monitoring and observability (or wants to learn)
  • Have experience with modern Cloud Practices (AWS, GCP or Azure)
  • Have experience with Containers

Where you will be

  • Most of our teams are hybrids with some members co-located in offices and some working remote. With a remote first way of working we want you to feel productive regardless of work location!
  • Where in the world? For this role, it can be within the UK or Sweden
  • Working hours? We want to avoid teams distributed over time-zones, so this team will operate within the CET time zone for collaboration. This setup allows us for more flexibility and work-life balance.
We are a flat organisation that works towards enabling teams to make the best possible decisions rather than having decisions made for them. We believe in autonomy and a culture of continuous improvement. 

Acast is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin or any of the other wonderful characteristics that make us different.

Culture is our number one priority as a business. We believe people come first, and we work every day to enable autonomy, continuous improvement and bring out the best in people. We’re global and have remote teams, so it’s even more important that we strive for an open, inclusive and caring environment where everyone feels visible and welcome. We consider ourselves a modern organization driven by strong values to create the best, most fulfilling and nurturing culture.

We very much look forward to finding the next great person to join our cause!

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