351 - Sherrod Small: The Benefit of Starting at The Bottom (You Get to Rise)

Sherrod Small is a comedian, all around personality, actor, writer, producer, podcast host of "RaceWars". He’s done everything. He grew up in the comedy clubs with his cousins, Chris Rock and Tony Rock. And he could’ve taken a shortcut, but he chose not to. "We wanted to start from the bottom of the bottom,” he said. “We wanted to know every aspect of this business. And we wanted to grow our own voice.” He told me his path to success. It’s applicable to more than just someone who wants to pursue stand-up. He talked to me about enthusiasm and experience. And why he recommends you skip taking shortcuts when you feel the excitement.

Links and Resources: 

My interview with Tony Rock: Ep. 343 – Tony Rock: The Process to Get ANY Idea Off the Ground

Greg Giraldo

Lucian Hold who ran The Comic Strip  

Rick Newman owned The Catch

Robbin Williams

Rosie O'Donnell

Some of Sherrod’s biggest influences: Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, Bobcat Goldthwait

Michelle Wolf’s performance at the 2018 White House Correspondents Dinner

Sherrod’s commentary on CBS as official correspondent for the White House Correspondents Dinner

Todd Barry

Dave Chappelle

Chris Rock

Jerrod Carmichael

Sherrod’s podcast “RaceWars”

Greer Barne’s bit on Colbert


Christian Finnegan

The Real Real World

Neal Brennon

Sherrod’s show with Christian Finnegan called “Black and White” on A&E

Jim Biederman

My interview with AJ Jacobs  

My interview with Kevin Alloca 

Joe Rogan

My interview with Sebastian Maniscalco

Carrot Top

Carl Ruiz (who Sherrod is working on a new show with)

Guy Fieri

Man vs Food

Sherrod’s show, Men vs Food

Louis episode “bang bang”

Bonnie McFarlane

Mark Norman


Alex guarnaschelli  

Kert Metzer (who used to write for “Inside Amy Schumer”)

Stephen Colbert  

Jon Stewart

Sherrod’s website smallworldcomedy.com

Sherrod’s upcoming show  Mi Familia: Part 1 - LIVE AT THE COMEDY CELLAR

Sam Jay

Michael Che

Chris Redd

Leslie Jones

Drew Michael

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