Raw Power Festival 2018 special - 26 February 2018

Gareth is away this week, so instead of a usual show we're featuring ten artists on the bill at this year's Raw Power Festival.

To buy tickets, visit: https://babayaga.ticketabc.com/events/raw-power-2018/


Circle - Terminal (Southern Lord Recordings)

Zombie Zombie - L'esprit du cimetiere, pt.2 - Theme principal (Versatile Records, France)

GHOLD - Nothing Dreamt (Crypt Of The Wizard Records, UK)

Slowcoaches - Complex (Leisure & District, UK)

Cocaine Piss - Pinacolalove (Hypertension Records, Belgium)

Father Murphy - A Purpose (Flenser Records, USA)

No Spill Blood - Back to the Earth (Sargent House, USA)

Snapped Ankles - Hanging With the Moon (The Leaf Label, UK)

Godflesh - Mirror of Finite Light (Avalanche Recordings, UK)

Mirrored Lips - Русский Кокаин (Alakir Records, Israel)

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