#90 - Portishead, Brandt Brauer Frick, GAIKA, Family Atlantica -

There's nothing like completely transforming an Abba track for your first music in six years, but that's what Portishead have done with SOS. We've also got self-released sounds from Map71 and GAIKA, alongside two new ones being released by the on-form Soundway Records - the mesmerising Family Atlantica and the acid folk of Vanishing Twin. Elsewhere we have new jazz from Sarathy Korwar through Ninja Tune, Belgian duo Tav Exotic via Vlek, DVA on Hyperdub, Brandt Brauer Frick on !K7, and Newcastle's phonetic swear-filter avoiders KHÜNNT.

GAIKA - BUTA ft Miss Red & Serocee (Mixpak, USA)
Family Atlantica - Okoroba (Soundway Records, UK)
KHÜNNT - Failures (Riot Season Records, UK)
Tav Exotic - Booty (Vlek, Belgium)
Sarathy Korwar - Indefinite Leave To Remain (Ninja Tune, UK)
Map71 - Body House (self-release, UK)
Portishead - SOS (self-release, UK)
DVA - Take it All (Hyperdub, UK)
Vanishing Twin - The Conservation Of Energy (Soundway Records, UK)
Brandt Brauer Frick - Holy Night (!K7, Germany)

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