#88 - Asher Levitas, Josefin Öhrn, The Comet is Coming, Thornato - 18 April 2016

We haven’t got far through the alphabet this week, with new tracks from Adrena Adrena, Ash Walker, and Asher Levitas, whilst highlighting a new vinyl release of Alexander Robotnick with Ludus Pinsky, and a rare Basque record from Akauzazte. Absolutely all artists aren’t ‘A’s though, we’ve also got a new track from The Comet is Coming, some house from Belfast’s Jordan, Sweden’s Josefin Öhrn, and the return of exceptional Italian electronic maestro Husband.

Husband - Undone
Josefin Öhrn & The Liberation - Green Blue Fields
Asher Levitas - Withdrawn
Ash Walker - Bongo Legs
Akauzazte - Etzazuaka
Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky - N5 From Outer Space
The Comet is Coming - Star Furnace
Thornato - Chapinero
Adrena Adrena - Man on the Hill
Jordan - Killing Mockingbirds

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