#79 - Thee Oh Sees, Gnod, Tomppabeats, Golden Rules - 8 February 2016

After an electronics heavy podcast last week, you don’t get many more fantastic guitar acts than those that feature on this week’s Independent Music Podcast. From new tracks from San Francisco friends Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall, to Manchester’s ever magnificent Gnod and the immense sounds of Sheffield’s Blood Sport. We also have odd electronics from Basic Rhythm, techno from Route 8, Kora-gorgeousness from Stranded Horse, light-touch Finnish hip hop from Tomppabeats, heavier-touch hip hop from Golden Rules and the latest from the Sofrito Super Singles club.


Thee Oh Sees - Fortress
Route 8 - The Sunrise in her Eyes
Stranded Horse - Monde
Blood Sport - Reflective Orange
Tomppabeats - I Want to Tell You I Love You but I Can’t
Tomppabeats - You’re Cute
Gnod - The Mirror
Basic Rhythm - Raw Trax (Weekend Rush)
Alma Negra - Mageko
Ty Segall - Squealer
Golden Rules - The Let Down

Independent Music Podcast

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