#78 - Iggy Pop, Mikael Seifu, Gaika, She-Devils - 1 February 2016

Some extraordinary electronic music on this week's show. JahYu's rootsy dub with throat singing and bird noises ticks all our boxes, we've got two future British masters in Commodo and Rocks FOE combining, and another one in Gaika. It's a real showcase of wonderful British electronics, with Not Waving, Champion, and Four Tet also appearing.

Away from that we have the legendary Iggy Pop kicking things off, brilliant electronic pop with Montreal's She-Devils, Italian drone from Fulkanelli and Ethiopian electronics from Mikael Seifu.

Iggy Pop - Gardenia
JahYu - To The End of the Earth and Sea
Gaika - Heco
Commodo - Set it Straight (feat. Rocks FOE)
Various Artists - Febri di Funana Vol. 2
Mikael Seifu - How to Save a Life (Vector of Eternity)
Fulkanelli - Harmonikes Mundi
She-Devils - Come
Champion + Four Tet - Disparate
Not Waving - Believe

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