#183 - Miss Red, Kamaal Williams, Elza Soares, Sen Morimoto - 28 May 2018

This week's podcast starts off of the funky side, with smooth jazz funk from The Comet is Coming-affiliated Soccer96 and Henry Wu's Kamaal Williams. We get as nasty as usual though, with Miss Red and The Bug's latest, giallo disco from Parasols, and the mesmerising Batu record on XL. Elsewhere we have the latest from Brazilian samba legend Elza Soares, gorgeous music from Filho da Mãe, pop hip hop from Sen Morimoto and a whole lot more...


Soccer96 - Harmonious Monk (Slowfoot Records, UK)

Kamaal Williams - High Roller (Black Focus Records, UK)

Miss Red and The Bug - Dagga (Pressure, UK)

Debby Friday - Sine Metu (self-release, Canada)

Elza Soares - Banho - Part. Ilu Obá de Min (Deckdisc, Brazil)

Parasols - White Shadow (Giallo Disco Records, Italy)

Filho da Mãe - Água​-​Má (Lovers & Lollypops, Portugal)

Sen Morimoto - This is Not (Sooper Records, USA)

Batu - Flash React (XL Recordings, UK)

Peder Mannerfelt - Every Day Had A Number (LazyTapes, Germany)

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