#182 - Gazelle Twin, Pal Hwang Dan, Regional Justice Centre, Chromatics - 21 May 2018

Dark, dangerous music on this week's podcast as the guys bring along twisted sounds from thrash punk to industrial techno to epic goth drone. It's almost relieving when we get Streets of Rage invoking Korean electronics of Pal Hwang Dan, the new one from Gazelle Twin, and Pye Corner Audio moniker Head Technician


Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids - A Message to my People (Strut, UK)

Gazelle Twin - Hobby Horse (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, UK)

Head Technician - First Pour (Ecstatic Recordings, UK)

Nat Birchall meets Al Breadwinner - Youth Iron Rock (self-release, UK)

Pal Hwang Dan - Klimt's Butcher Shop 클림트 정육점 (Chinabot, UK)

The Body - Nothing Stirs (Thrill Jockey Records, USA)

Regional Justice Centre - Control (Adagio 830, Germany)

Chromatics - Black Walls (Italians do it Better Records, USA)

Dez Williams - Fallnot (Bedouin Records, UAE)

Onipa - demo (self-release, UK)

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