#181 - Lucrecia Dalt, 700 Bliss, Sterile Hand, ZOHASTRE - 7 May 2018

Some of the best music of the year is squeezed into this 90 minute episode of the podcast. From legends Pere Ubu and Tyler, The Creator to debut releases from ZOHASTRE and Owiny Sigoma Band affiliated Zapatilla, through to the latest from Colombia's Lucrecia Dalt, there's a whole heap to get stuck into this week.


ZOHASTRE - Birds Oracle (Zam Zam Records, USA)

700 Bliss - Living (Halcyon Veil, USA)

Tyler, The Creator - OKRA (self-release, USA)

Annabel (lee) - The Latest News (Youngbloods, USA)

Marmo - I Colori Dell'Universo (self-release, UK)

Zapatilla - Crumbling Down (Zap Music, UK)

Pere Ubu - Prison of the Sense (Cherry Red Records, UK)

Sterile Hand - Security (Ecstatic Recordings, UK)

Lucrecia Dalt - Edge (RVNG Intl., USA)

Warren Schoenbright - Excavations (Vacant Fulfilment, Austria)

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