#180 - MZ.412, WaqWaq Kingdom, Tasos Stamou, Lay Llamas - 30 April 2018

This week's pod has Gareth and Anthony in fine fettle. Lengthy tracks from Sudanese tambour artist Abu Obaida Hassan, Earth legend Dylan Carlson, and London jazz staple Emanative punctuate a show full of dark doom, Estonian synth pop, blistering Lithuanian techno, crete experimentation, and a whole lot more.


Abu Obaida Hassan & His Tambour - Qamar Al Massa (Moon of the Night) (Ostinato Records, USA)

Dylan Carlson - Conquistador (Sargent House, USA)

Dreems - Shark Water (Le Temps Perdu, Lithuania)

WaqWaq Kingdom - Sugar Pills (Jahtari, Germany)

Tasos Stamou - Vasiliki (Discrepant Records, UK)

Mari Kalkun - Keelega​-​Meelega (Nordic Notes, Germany)

Regret - Orange (Crash Symbols, USA)

Lay Llamas - Holy Worms (Rocket Recordings, UK)

MZ.412 - Ulvens Broder (Cold Spring, UK)

Emanative - Planet B (Nutriot Recordings, Austria)

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