#178 - Newbaan, Rival Consoles, Сольвычегодск, Lucrecia Dalt - 16 April 2018

This week's show kicks out a little harder than last week's, with the exceptional Jamaican grime cut from the ever-excellent No Hats No Hoods label. We have psych from Jerusalem, avant garde industrial jazz from Russia, abstract electronics from Japan and whole host of goodies.


Newbaan - Badda than Dem (No Hats No Hoods, UK)

Lucrecia Dalt - Tar (RVNG Intl., USA)

Сольвычегодск - Фуга ля-минор / Fugue in A minor (self-release, Russia)

HYNOM - Kissinger (Raash Records, Israel)

Mikado Koko - Jo No Mai (Shango Records, Greece)

Beige Palace - Song Arm (Cave of Roses, UK)

Filter Dread - Beyond Saturn (TV Showw, France)

Rival Consoles - Dreamer's Wake (Erased Tapes Records, USA)

Adrena Adrena - Cybals (Champion Version, UK)

Why the Eye? - Dombo (Plynt Records, Belgium)

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