#174 - Marie Modiano, Factory Floor, Ljudvägg, Karen O - 19 February 2018

It's been six years since we heard from Welsh surf band Y Niwl, and it's good to hear them once more. It's not all lost loves though this week, we've got new music from new artists, including glitchy electronics from Monophobe, and rock from Alameda 4 on Polish label Instant Classic. There's a lost 1940s opera from China to enjoy, the last track from the soon-to-be-missed Death Pedals, gorgeous chanson from French singer Marie Modiano, jazz from Sons of Kemet and more.


Y Niwl - Tridegun (self-release, UK)

Factory Floor - Heart of Data (H/O/D Records, UK)

Lai Chui Hsa & Li Yan Ping - General Zhao Zi Long, On Horseback, Saves His Master All By Himself (Fire Sheep Records, China)

Karen O - Yo! My Saint (feat. Michael Kiwanuka) (Kenzo, France)

Monophobe - Fluffy Lynx (Prrrrrrr Records, Germany)

Death Pedals - I Am A Loser (Hominid Sounds, UK)

Marie Modiano - Guérir ma colère (Nest & Sound/PVP, France)

Sons of Kemet - My Queen is Harriet Tubman (Impulse! Records, USA)

Ljudvägg - Varande (Purlieu Recordings, Sweden)

Alameda 4 - Czarna Woda (Instant Classic, Poland)

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