#173 - Manami Matsumae, German Army, UKAEA, Game Show - 12 February 2018

This week we stretch out into the far reaches of electronic music, including a sublime piece of work from Indonesian artist Uwalmassa, game soundtrack art from Manami Matsumae, and drones from South Carolina's German Army. We also have Romanian psych from Rodion G.A., the best rock record of 2018 from Anthroprophh, acid techno from UKAEA and loads more.


Miracle - Light Mind (Relapse Records, USA)

Uwalmassa - Untitled 01 (DIVISI62, Indonesia)

Manami Matsumae - The Final Showdown (Brain Wave Productions, Japan)

Game Show - Metriculation (Impossible Ark Records, UK)

Anthroprophh - Dead Inside (Rocket Recordings, UK)

German Army - All Is A Question - Insurrection - Crisis of Memory (Discrepant, UK)

UKAEA - The Rake, The Loam (Extreme Ultimate Recordings, UK)

Expo 70 - Totality Wormhole (God Unknown Records, UK)

Richard Youngs/ Alasdair Roberts (feat. Donald WG Lindsay) - Kinning Park (Fourth Dimension Records, UK)

Rodion G.A. - Ore (Inversions Records, UK)

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