#171 - Eels, Silvia Kastel, Gazelle Twin, Dan Shake - 22 January 2018

Nothing warms up the snowy streets of South London like some hot South African boogie, but wherever you happen to be listening, you're sure to be enjoying the latest from Soundway records. We have lots of decadent music this week - from Italian producer Silvia Kastel's smelting pot of techno influences, Orchestra of Constant Distress's brutal noise rock, Lando Chill's Tucson hiphop, or Dan Shake's adorable housey disco goodness. Oh, there's a new one from Eels too...


The Survivals - My Brother (Soundway Records, UK)

Silvia Kastel - Bruell (Blackest Ever Black, UK)

Eels - The Deconstruction (E Works, USA)

Guy One - Ete Songo (Philophon Records, Germany)

Orchestra of Constant Distress - Not At All (Riot Season Records, UK)

Sworr - Colder (Fair Weather Friends Records, Greece)

Meursault - Fuck Off Back to Art School (self-release, UK)

Lando Chill & The Lasso - yo luv (Mello Music Group, USA)

Gazelle Twin - The Dream Ends (Houndstooth, UK)

Dan Shake - Magic Marcel (Lumberjacks in Hell, Netherlands)

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