#169 - Efrim Manuel Menuck, Anna von Hausswolff, ज़ितम सिहँ, Ben Frost - 8 January 2018

We're back with our first podcast of 2018, and what better way to kick off than the exquisite jazz from Chicago's avant-garde trumpeter Jaimie Branch? We also have cosmic soul from NYC-based, Indian musician ज़ितम सिहँ (Jitwam), the latest from Anna von Hausswolff, roots reggae from Ghana's Y-Bayani And His Band of Enlightenment, Reason And Love and a whole lot more.


Jaimie Branch - Theme 001 (International Anthem, USA)

ज़ितम सिहँ (Jitwam) - Alone (Cosmic Compositions, New Zealand)

Anna von Hausswolff - The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra (City Slang, Germany)

Y-Bayani And His Band of Enlightenment, Reason And Love - Rehwe Mie Enyim (Philophon, Germany)

Ben Frost - Eurydice's Heel (Bedroom Community, Iceland)

Bingo Palace - Before 03 (Codek Records, USA)

Normil Hawaiians - British Warm (Upset the Rhythem, UK)

Xphone Tweeted Hatena - 028 (Pale Master, UK)

Curtis Roach - Stay Golden (self-release, USA)

Efrim Manuel Menuck - LxOxVx / Shelter in Place (Constellation Records, Canada)

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