#167 - Best of 2017 (part two) - 11 December 2017

We continue our selection of favourites from 2017. In part two we cover Egyptian-influenced electronics, industrial music from Portland, the biggest hiphop star on the planet, Israeli dancehall, and a whole lot more.


Al Lover & Cairo Liberation Front - Level One (Höga Nord Rekords, Sweden)

Kendrick Lamar - Humble (Top Dawg Entertainment, USA)

Sea Moss - Diurnal Enuresis (Crash Symbols, USA)

Stand High Patrol - The Shift (Stand High Records, France)

Crème de Hassan - Touki Bouki / Krik Krak (Inversions Records, UK)

Ex Eye - Form Constant; the Grid (Relapse Records, USA)

Trilion - Fuss Inna Dance ft. Guma Ranks (Scotch Bonnet, UK)

Coby Sey - Active (Peak) (Whities, UK)

Tembok Kamar Dinding Sekolah - Mati Rasa (Chinabot, UK)

Shit & Shine - Hot Shovel (Diagonal Records, UK)

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