#165 - Jane Weaver, Ela Orleans, Hailu Mergia, Nihiloxica - 27 November 2017

In the last episode before we start reviewing the year we find independent labels still squeezing out incredible records. We have intense Ugandan drums from Nihiloxica, we have the first record in 15 years form Ethiopian legend Hailu Mergia. We have Christmas music from Ela Orleans, techno from Autumns, tuba drone from ORE, new music from Jane Weaver, and Ben Reimer and loads more.


Nihiloxica - Endongo (Nyege Nyege Tapes, Uganda)

Jane Weaver And Virginia Wing - I Feel It Starts Again (Fire Records, UK)

Autumns - Headache Tablet (Touch Sensitive, UK)

ORE - VANADIUM (Box Records, UK)

Fadoul - Bsslama Hbibti (Habibi Funk, Germany)

Terekke - Mix 91 (L.I.E.S., USA)

Ben Reimer - Drum Dances IV (Red Shift Records, Canada)

Hailu Mergia - Gum Gum (Awesome Tapes from Africa, USA)

Ela Orleans - Christmas Fell Away (Parental Guidance, UK)

Cosey Fanni Tutti - The Secret Touch (Conspiracy International, UK)

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