#164 - Bjork, Equiknoxx, TOKiMONSTA, Euros Childs - 20 November 2017

Delicate, brilliant electronics dominate this week's podcast, from downtempo brilliance of TOKiMONSTA through to dancehall dub forward-thinking purveyors Equiknoxx we have a lot of spectacular sounds. There are new tunes from Bjork and Euros Childs, as well as hefty rock from Godflesh, jazz breaks from Hello Skinny and loads of great new independent music.


Hello Skinny - Mr. P.Z. (Brownswood Recordings, UK)

Equiknoxx - Kareece Put Some Thread in a Zip Lock (DDS Records, UK)

Godflesh - Post Self (Avalanche Recordings, UK)

Euros Childs - My Colander (National Elf, UK)

Bjork - Blissing Me (One Little Indian, UK)

Black Zone Myth Chant - Their Love for You (Editions Gravats, France)

URUK - I Leave a Silver Trail Through Blackness (Consouling Sounds, Belgium)

Jay Glass Dubs - Magazine Dub (Ecstatic, UK)

TOKiMONSTA - Bibimbap (Young Art Records, USA)

Sačquiel Måtaton - Zeboul (Shimmering Moods Records, Netherlands)

Independent Music Podcast

Bringing you the most interesting releases old, new and future, the Independent Music Podcast is a weekly journey into the world of alternative music. Crossing genre boundaries with complete disregard for what might fit together, expect to hear sweet soul mixed with drone metal, reggae and digidub with disco, and any other genres emerging, submerging or indescribable