#163 - Mica Levi, GAIKA, Jun Kamoda, Pauline Anna Strom - 13 November 2017

On the show this week we kick off with a banger with the new EP from Japan's Jun Kamoda. Along the way towards Oscar-nominee Mica Levi's new soundtrack we touch on modern classical, Lithuanian avant pop, tambutronics, heavy rock and a whole loft of hefty bass music.


Jun Kamoda - Body & Soul (Black Acre, UK)

Drunk in Hell - Sick Sick Sex (Burning World Records, Netherlands)

Pauline Anna Strom - Energies (RVNG Intl., USA)

NSRD - Kastanis (Chestnut) (Stroom.tv, Belgium)

Kuenta i Tambu - Bon Bon (Buchi Records, Germany)

Oneida - Town Crier (Joyful Noise Recordings, USA)

Solo Collective - Ascension (Nonostar Records, UK)

GAIKA - BATTALION ft. Miss Red (Warp Records, UK)

Woven Skull - The Cracking of the Limbs (God Unknown Records, UK)

Mica Levi - Interlude 2 (DDS Records, UK)

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