#160 - Diron Animal, Peter King, Fatima Al Qadiri, Dagshenma - 16 October 2017

We're a hot mess this week as Anthony has returned from Brugge with a handful of Belgian beers and a whole host of musical treats. We have experimental electronics from Kuwait and Japan, synth ambience from Pittsburgh, Angolan afrofunk, Chicago punk, Australian digidub, Mexican acid cumbia and loads of industrial, rock, and stunning folk music.


Fatima Al Qadiri - Alkahaf feat Bobo Secret & Chaltham (Hyperdub, UK)

Dagshenma - Fryerfry (Chinabot, UK)

Diron Animal - Don't Stop (Soundway Records, UK)

The Seven Fields of Aphelion - Drift (Losing Light) (Rad Cult, USA)

Melkbelly - Off the Lot (Wax Nine Records, USA)

Peter King & Art + Naram - One Shot of Vodka (Jahtari, Germany)

Shit & Shine - That’s Enough (Rocket Recordings, UK)

Mareaboba - Sueños Lucidos (Pakapi Records, Argentina)

Peter Broderick - A Ride On The Bosphorus (Erased Tapes, USA)

Messe Julligan - Murder the Murdochs (self-release, New Zealand)


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