#144 - Stand High Patrol, Marika Hackman, Dusty Mush, Moon Duo - originally broadcast 12 June 2017

With the boys out on a Bulgarian beach celebrating their friends' nuptials, we're taking you back to this time last year when we had jazz from Ireland alongside US psych from Moon Duo, garage from Howlin’ Banana Records’ Dusty Mush, the latest from Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Tapes, the brilliant Stand High Patrol have a new track. We also have drone, electro, indie and a charity repress from Coil


Fixity – What Wrong (self-release, Ireland)

Moon Duo – Boppers Hat (Sacred Bones Records, USA)

Dusty Mush – Couch Potato (Howlin’ Banana Records, France, Stolen Body Records, UK)

Maisha – Africa (Jazz re:freshed, UK)

Bwax ft S kide – Baba Animata Natafuta Kiki (Nyege Nyege Tapes, Uganda)

Marika Hackman – Boyfriend (Sub Pop Records, USA)

Stand High Patrol – The Shift (Stand High Records, France)

Coil – A Cold Cell in Bangkok (Optimo Music, UK)

Dorcha – Two Steps (self-release, UK)

Sly & the Family Drone and Dead Neanderthals – Ghoul Whispers (Hominid Sounds Records, UK)

Back next week!

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