#140 - Jun Kamoda, Mary Epworth, Drahla, Twenty-Three Hanging Trees [Originally broadcast 15 May 2017

Anthony has been very ill this week (please send flowers, love, and lemsip) so we're going to look back at where we were this time last year. On episode 140 we were very excited by Ugandan dance music, Romanian electronics, and Surgeon. Not much has changed really...


Disco Vumbi – Didi at Night (Nyege Nyege Tapes, Uganda)

Twenty-three Hanging Trees – II (self-release, UK)

Jun Kamoda – Blind Disco (Black Acre Records, UK)

Mary Epworth – Me Swimming (Sunday Best, UK)

Drahla – Fictional Decision (A Turntable Friend Records, Germany)

TST: The Southern Tenant – Silent Rage (Pure Destructive Records, UK)

Surgeon – Convenience Trap part 4 (Dynamic Tension, UK)

The Cosmic Dead – Psych is Dead (Riot Season Records, UK)

Musai Soundworks – Hoinar (Steppas Records, UK)

Siobhan Wilson – Whatever Helps (Song, By Toad Records, UK)

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