#125 - Gallops, Ramasandiran Somusundaram, Ibibio Sound Machine, Meursault - 30 January 2017

We on the move this week, but that doesn't stop us delivering your weekly dose of ten truly astounding pieces of music. From the Indian prog flute experiments of Ramasandiran Somusundaram through to the extreme sampling of Mai Mai Mai, punk from Tough Tits, folk from Meursault and reggae from Strictly Sound, it's your usual mixed bag of goodness

Independent Music Podcast

Bringing you the most interesting releases old, new and future, the Independent Music Podcast is a weekly journey into the world of alternative music. Crossing genre boundaries with complete disregard for what might fit together, expect to hear sweet soul mixed with drone metal, reggae and digidub with disco, and any other genres emerging, submerging or indescribable