#101 - Hypnopazuzu, Asher Senator, Elza Soares, Manuela [Originally broadcast 18 July 2016]

We're two weeks into our three week break. This week our archival episode kicks of with the stunning sounds Brazilian legend Elza Soares and her otherworldly album from 2016.


Elza Soares – Maria da Vila Matilde (Mais Um Discos, Brazil)

Manuela – Cracks in the Concrete (Lost Map Records, UK)

Æthenor – Hazel (VHF Records, USA)

Asher Senator meets Bony Fly – Tick Tick Boom (Pure Niceness Records, UK)

Hypnopazüzu – Your Eyes in the Skittle Hills (House of Mythology, UK)

Bloque del Sur – Diagrama (Pakapi Records, Argentina)

Dead Neanderthals – The Bell (God Unknown Records, UK)

Head Technician – Exit Strategy (Ecstatic Records, UK)

Necro Deathmort – Mono/Serum (Tomaga remix) (Rocket Recordings, UK)

Ed Scissor & Lamplighter – Hyperballad (High Focus Records, UK)

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