S02 Ep04 - No Outsiders: LGBTQ+ inclusivity in schools

As an assistant headteacher, Andrew Moffat has introduced a policy promoting diversity at Parkfield community school in Birmingham. His No Outsiders message teaches children to welcome those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender as well as people of any race, colour or religion. It’s been a huge success - parents, teachers and governors support Andrew’s work despite 98% of the school’s pupils being Muslim. In this episode Will and Chris travel to the school to meet him and learn how his efforts to spread LGBT awareness and understanding haven’t always been appreciated: Andrew left his previous school after parents complained about him telling the children he was gay. He tells Will and Chris what he learned from this experience and how he convinced Parkfield’s parents that children can be taught about Britain’s anti-discrimination laws without undermining their religious beliefs. Plus - listeners tell us their memories of school, Chris has been finding out about surrogacy and Will remembers a very awkward evening involving a video of Neighbours and a dog basket.