#7 Munroe Berdorf on racism, the idea of "chivalry" and #BoysWillBeBoys meme

Model and Activist Munroe Berdorf hit the headlines a few months ago when L’Oreal cut ties with her for speaking out about the protests in Charlottesville. Now she is working with beauty brand Illamasqua and featuring in the Huffington Post’s new online documentary series, New Activists. By being unafraid to speak loudly about issues she cares about, she’s become one of the most important voices in the UK right now.

She sat down with Lliana Bird, Emma Gannon and producer Shola Ajeje on their podcast Get It Off Your Breasts to share her side of things and discuss racism, privilege and why we need to all speak openly and honestly about racism in mainstream conversations.

Get It Off Your Breasts

Get It Off Your Breasts is a female-led roundtable discussion with a difference. Hosted by Emma Gannon and Lliana Bird, this weekly podcast features unfiltered conversations, tackling a diverse mix of modern day issues that get under the skin of an always-on hyper-connected society. Produced by Shola Aleje

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