19. James Ehrlich

James Ehrlich - Dr. Regen
James Ehrlich is the creator of the Tesla of Eco-Villages. He is creating Regen Villages all over the world startin gin Holland end the Nordic Countries. Find all the movies and links about it below. He is the Future Hero Dr.Regen that leads with example how we create, not a sustainable, but a regenerative future!

Also watch the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio - Before The Flood - to get a sense the urgency to solve the global challenges we are up against.


Recorded live at #NordicImpactWeek during SoCap i San Francisco September 2016

Don't settle
Don't settle into a new home that dosn't produce food water energy and waste in it's own footprint


The FacebookLive-video with James - Nordic Impact Week 2016

James Ehrlich - Live from Nordic Impact Week 2016

James Ehrlich on FB live from TedX - Trondheim Spaces

The video of Regen villages on Facebook with over 16 million views

It’s all up to us!
What we do Before the Flood!

Regen Villages

The Tesla of Ecovillages

What is Aquaponics?

The 'Tesla of eco-villages' is developing off-grid villages that grow their own food and generate their own power

The final song is: Summoner's Battle curtesy of David Bowick

I'm Captain Future