Community Guidelines

Our principles

Acast will always seek to safeguard freedom of expression and freedom of information for creators and listeners. As much as we want to promote free speech and the right to information, we also believe that conversations should take place in a respectful, safe, and relevant way.

As a creator you are solely responsible for all content that you upload to the Acast platform or that is uploaded on your behalf. The Acast platform includes both our hosting platform and our listening app. Acast is not responsible for any such content, nor does it endorse any opinion in such content.

What is inappropriate content?

The below examples, while not exhaustive, are designed to help our community of creators understand the types of topics and conversations that may be deemed inappropriate content.

Acast, in its sole discretion, may consider “inappropriate content” as anything that:

  • is illegal, harmful, hateful, violent, dangerous, defamatory, fraudulent, libellous, abusive, offensive, obscene, threatening, harassing, bullying, discriminating, misleading, impersonating, or encourages self-harm;
  • infringes the rights of others, including copyright or trademark infringement;
  • violates another person’s right to privacy, harms Acast’s business, trademark, goodwill and/or reputation;
  • includes spam or viruses;
  • promotes, encourages or challenges others to act or behave in such a manner as described in any of the points above.

Removing content

Acast fully and unconditionally reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content on the Acast platform, in our sole discretion, without prior notification to you or any third party. This covers the entire platform provided by Acast, including but not limited to the software enabling podcasts to be uploaded and streamed via the Acast app.

In the event of recurring or severe violations of our Community Guidelines, or any other agreement you may have with us, we also reserve the right to terminate or disable your Acast account.

How to report suspected inappropriate content

If you come across any content hosted by Acast that you believe to be inappropriate, we encourage you to flag this by contacting our team on