Cates got ya tongue

The Football Ramble are guns, ladies and gentlemen, and if you’re looking for a team of handsome chaps to sit around an unstable, food stained table and talk about Arsenal’s unlikely victory over Manchester City, Chelsea’s five star battering of Swansea and Harry Redknapp’s troubled tenure at Queens Park Raisins, then they’re ruddy well for hire!*

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*For a surprisingly reasonable fee.

The Football Ramble

The Football Ramble emerged from London towards the end of 2007 as a genuinely refreshing football voice, and quickly established itself as one of the most influential and entertaining shows about the world's most popular sport. It is now the largest independent football brand in the UK and a must-listen for any discerning fan that enjoys the more entertaining side of the game. From sold out live shows to broadcasting from major tournaments, The Football Ramble has it covered. Join them every week.

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