Kyle and Adriana are in the first semester of their senior year of high school, and they are stressed. In this episode, they interview their college counselor about his college experience and his advice to them when applying and choosing a school.
We also are announcing the end of the first season of FSTW. We are taking a break to work on our next season. If you have ideas for episodes, please email us at or Tweet or Snapchat us at FSTWpodcast. You can also leave an idea in an iTunes review. Thank you for your support!

Feeling Some Type of Way

Feeling Some Type of Way is the only podcast hosted by teenagers, for teenagers. 16-year-old Adriana and 17-year-old Kyle are tired of adults representing who teenagers are. Every other week, hear about their friendships, corny jokes, and social media habits as well as the pressure they feel to get into college and learning to feel comfortable in their own bodies.

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