14 Farmerama

We recorded Farmerama ‘live’ from Turin, Italy this month where thousands of small-scale farmers, shepherds, fishers, chefs and people committed to more resilient food systems from over 100 hundred countries around the world have come together to celebrate and share food and farming knowledge at the Slow Food Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, it's like the UN for food systems.

In Turin an eco-gastronomer tells us about feeding all of our senses, a once-fisherman shares storytelling as an alternative to certification and we hear the united voices of farmers from around the globe coming together thanks to the Slow Food Network.

Back home the holistic management framework gives one mob-grazer some clear goals at home and in the fields, a dairy farmer has a super simple calf-feeding technique for his herd and we hear about the Alabama-Cuban Oggun Tractor - an open-source, easily fixable tractor.