FarFetchedFables No 158 Jonathan Laidlow

"“Inundated” by Jonathan Laidlow

(Originally published in Ecotones.)

Yuri woke up to the sound of waves breaking at the end of the street, and knew that the undines had breached the final defences. Even his house, one of the furthest from the harbour, would be theirs once again, like the rest of the city.

Jonathan Laidlow grew up in the North West of England, near the Sellafield Nuclear Power plant, which regularly leaked. He has one good leg, one good eye, and one good ear… His stories have appeared at Daily Science Fiction ("Hyrmnal") and Liminal Stories ("Obtrusion Rate" on May 1st). His next story will be at Strange Horizons. He lives in Birmingham, UK, and run the Ultan's Library website about Gene Wolfe, available at ultan.org.uk. He tweets as @burtkenobi and blogs occasionally at jonlaidlow.com.

About the Narrator:

Ron Jon is a writer, narrator, and singer. He has written and published children’s books, scripts and screenplays for animation and live action, and musical lyrics and libretti. He is a student of strange phenomena/parapsychology, horror, and children’s literature. Ron Jon writes short weird fiction under the name ‘the spectre collector’. See his disturbing videos and hear more of his work on ‘the spectre collector’ blog. Download his disturbing albums on ‘the spectre collector’ Bandcamp site -- his new album is called Decomposition on Ice."