Detection Innovations

Detecting today’s attacks is difficult. The attackers are more sophisticated, better funded, and better organized. The attacks themselves are more targeted - 80% of observed malware shows up just once; 68% are used in only one organization. Even more importantly, in many cases, malware isn’t even involved in the attacks, and the preponderance of tactics have never been seen before. Because this sophistication is seen across every industry, companies of all sizes, and every motivation from espionage, ransomware, nation-state to hacktivism, every organization is susceptible.

A well-designed architecture needs to detect even the most sophisticated attacks, especially those designed to evade defensive mechanisms. To avoid missing true threats or investing resources on inaccurate alerts, it must detect without the noise generated from false positives. And of course, alerts must come with the context to prioritize investigations and design the proper response.

Learn about the latest threats and techniques that FireEye sees in the threat landscape, common pitfalls when designing a detection architecture and our latest innovations to detect the undetectable.