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Find the favorite show you didn’t know you loved yet. From the top-charting hits to undiscovered gems, Acast’s AI-powered recommendations give you more of the podcasts you want.


Listen on your terms. With variable speed, sleep timers, and support for Google Cast and Apple Airplay, Acast’s app makes it easy to listen to podcasts the way you want.


Using smart nearfield connections, it’s easy to share your favorite shows with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you have access to a private feed (Patreon for example), just click on the ‘+’ button either in your feed or your “My Shows” page. Paste the private RSS feed you want to add, and you should be good to go.

  • If you have push notifications enabled for your shows, you can tell the app to automatically download your new episodes. Go to “Settings -> Downloads -> Automatically download new episodes” to activate that feature.

  • No. If you login with a new device, your shows and your progress will be automatically synced. Downloads and Favorites will only be stored locally on each device.

  • If you export your subscriptions in an OPML file, you can choose to import that same file through “Settings -> Import & Export” and the shows will be automatically added to your profile.

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