SARAH JONES on so-called actor Meryl Streep, quitting college, and our Revolution

A gifted character actor, Sarah Jones could be on SNL. Instead, chose to
take her brilliantly funny embodiments of humans you know, maybe even
you, to tackle poverty, prostitution, and now, "pussy grabbing." She
reveals what it was like to work with Meryl Streep on Jones's Tony and
Obie Award-winning show Bridge and Tunnel. Her latest show Sell/Buy/Date
is a must see. We also spoke about Meryl Streep, Gil Scott-Heron, and
Alan Alda, who I interviewed at the same live taping, so check out that
Employee of the Month interview as well. Our next live taping is
Thursday, March 16th if you are in New York, come! @CatieLazarus


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