SARAH KAY performs, sings and talks being robbed & life on the road

2017 marks a critical juncture where I am paying attention to what I consume and create. For starters, I strive to shed new light as a writer. I also want to share conversations with exceptional people who devote their careers to not only distilling life’s greater truths AND help others hone their own voices. I also have found that as vital as it is to engage in society, some days the news makes me worry that my head might explode. It’s why I am particularly thankful to kick off 2017 bringing you a live interview with Sarah Kay, an extraordinary writer, performer, and teacher.

For those who don’t know Sarah Kay, as she is quickly becoming a global sensation. She made her television debut when she was 18, on yogi and music scion Russell Simmons’s Def Jam on HBO. Shortly after graduating from Brown, she then performed her poem "B" as a TED Talk, which garnered over 9 million hits on Youtube. The half-Jewish, half-Japanese, New York Native was twenty-two years old. She then released “B” as well as another poem “The Type” as two hard back books, after marketing expert and Employee of the Month Alumni Seth Godin saw her initial Ted Talk. Since then, she has released her first collection of poetry titled No Matter the Wreckage, which became a best-seller.

Best known for her spoken word poetry, I strongly suggest you check out the effervescent wunderkind live and read her writing. Her scintillating poems make for distinctive experiences in print and in person. A poet’s poet, Kay is beloved by aficionados, but also accessible to novices like myself, and it is her warmth and humor which I suspect has made her beloved by students around the globe. She is also a fine singer, as you’ll hear in a duet she does with Arthur Lewis, as our interview was recorded live at Joe’s Pub. An Employee of the Month Alumni and member of the hip-hop group Freestyle Love Supreme, Arthur Lewis has also been part of Employee of the Month’s houseband, and it is always a pleasure to have him on the show, and Sarah Kay was in the audience that eve, and I think she’ll agree that his interview is important for any music lover or aspiring artist. Sarah Kay wrote the poignant song they performed "Still Here," and, given what's going on in the world, it is at once timely and evergreen, always hopeful, yet thoughtful, a signature of Kay's writing.

While we didn’t go into depth about her work with students and educators, Kay is also the co-founder of Project Voice, and you can learn more at their website or by following them on Twitter @projVoice. She spends 300 days on the road, performing, lecturing, and teaching. It was fun to hear about her travels, childhood and how it can easily be re-written in hindsight, and see her perform poetry and sing. I bawled like an infant listening to her sing and Arthur perform an original song “Still Here,” and loved her on-point and hilarious poem. Enjoy. @catielazarus @kaysarahsera


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