BROAD CITY's ILANA GLAZER & ABBI JACOBSON talk about Craigslist, interning, and home videos.

When they were in their early twenties, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson met in improv class, loathed how hard it was to get on an improv team at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade), and started their own. In November 2009, they began writing the web series Broad City and asked Amy Poehler, who had founded UCB, to do a cameo. She did, and then ended up signing on to Executive Produce Broad City as a television series. FX bought it and then let it go, so they went to Comedy Central, and the rest is herstory or her stories. Their hilarious take on the run-of-the-mill buddy comedy about two girls trying to make it in the big city is utterly unique and pure fun. Their lovable friendship is enviable, reminiscent of Laverne and Shirley, granted Ilana and Abbi aren't working in a beer canning factory and, as Laverne & Shirley's theme song goes, they are making "all of their dreams come true." Starting in January the show will go into its second season and, if you watch the trailer with Seth Rogen making a cameo, you'll see why Broad City is so addictive.


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