ADIRA AMRAM on Employee of the Month

Mother's Day is coming up and I can't help thinking of how perfectly Adira Amram's MOM SONG music video captures an ideal mother-daughter relationship while simultaneously tweaking our culture's expectation that mothers and daughters also be besties. Directed by Jim Turner, Adira and her mom are genuinely having fun, without shopping, beautifying themselves, or kvetching about men. Granted the duo are high.

Amram doesn't take herself too seriously, although, in our interview, the actress and performance artist reveals how growing up in a family of artists propelled her to want to stand out. She does just that when decked out in gold lame and neon leotard and legging combos, that would make Jane Fonda proud. Adira and her two phenomenal back up dancers make up Adira and the Expereince, and their musical comedy is as much a hit abroad as in the US. Amram loves to collaborate, which is why she also serves as the house band for both Arden Myrin & Lisa Delarios' monthly The Party Machine and Night of The Living with Kurt Braunohler.

This summer, Adira Amram and the Experience are touring with Kid Koala. If you can't make it to their upcoming performance in Spain, you can enjoy MOM SONG online. You can even send it to your mom. Or watch it with her, high or otherwise.


Employee of the Month is a talk show hosted by Catie Lazarus. She interviews phenomenal folks about their careers, be it comedian Jon Stewart or activist Gloria Steinem or the Guinness Book of World Record Holder for Most Guinness Book of World Records. These candid conversations may inspire you to finish your novel or start one or simply self-medicate. Her guests also receive the coveted Employee of the Month Award, which falls somewhere between a Nobel Peace Prize and free cup of coffee. The podcast is released weekly and you can attend live tapings. To find out more, check out or @catielazarus on Twitter or Instagram.

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