News From the Field: May 2016

The Tomb of King Tut; a Temple of Hatshepsut; a Temple of Nectanebo.


Welcome to a new feature of the podcast, "News from the Field," in which we round up the latest and most exciting news from Egyptology and Archaeology.

This episode, specialists are meeting to discuss the tomb of Tut'ankhamun, and what to do about Dr. Nicholas Reeves' theory that  there is a hidden tomb inside. Although everyone is excited at the prospect, they are advising caution: digging rashly into the tomb could be a catastrophe. So we have to be sure first.

Archaeologists working in Aswan have uncovered new relics of Queen Hatshepsut. They have found a barque shrine, where statues of the gods would have been housed and protected. It s an exciting discovery, offering good information on the reign of this fantastic woman.

Finally, a new temple has been discovered at Heliopolis, Cairo. Belonging to Nectanebo I (c.380 BCE), the temple reveals the King as a servant of the sun god Re. He offers himself, and his name, to the Majesty of the great god, invoking his protection thereby.

Images: Ministry of Antiquities, Facebook

Tut'ankhamun Conference - Cairo


Nectanebo I - Heliopolis