Episode 61: The Two Lands Serve Her

Hatshepsut (Prologue).


From 1495 - 1490 BCE, Hatshepsut acts as regent for her step-son, the nominal King of Egypt Thutmose III. But the Queen Regent has plans, and soon begins to consolidate her power, encouraging the support of officials, priests and nobles to bolster her authority over the Two Lands...


Hatshepsut as a woman, Leiden (Wikipedia).

Hatshepsut as Queen (Hathsepsut - Queen to Pharaoh, below).

The necropolis of el-Kab showing the tombs of Ahmose Pen-Nekhbet, Pahery and Ahmose Ibana (Creativity and Innovation, below).

Ahmose Pen-Nekhbet (Creativity and Innovation, below).


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Officials, Appointees etc.

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