Episode 56b: Restoring Splendour

Second Intermediate Period (End).


The Hyksos are on the run, pursued by King Ahmose I and his warriors. Into the lands of Palestine they go, towards their final confrontation at Sharuhen.

Meanwhile, Queen Mother Ah-hotep leads the Theban army against a rebellion, in order to crush sedition and assert her family's dominance.

Finally, the Thebans must rally in the face of environmental disaster, as the gods enact a sudden tempest.



A soldier of the Middle Kingdom, bearing an axe and shield. Probably very similar to the warriors accompanying Ahmose I.

Sharuhen, now known as Tell el-Farah South. 

The golden flies of Ah-hotep; found in her tomb west of Thebes.

The dagger of Queen Ah-hotep; copper, gold and silver. Found in her tomb west of Thebes.

The axe of Queen Ah-hotep, found in her tomb west of Thebes. 

The golden fan of Queen Ah-hotep. Ostrich feathers would have been inserted into the rim to create a cooling breeze.

The copper hand-mirror of Ah-hotep, from her tomb at Thebes.

The heir to the throne Ahmose Sapair; died at six years old, buried west of Thebes in a tomb later used for his grandmother Ah-hotep.

The coffin and mummy of Sapair, found in the Deir el-Bahari Cache (more on that at another time).


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