Episode 41: The Oasis

The Faiyum Oasis and Senuseret II.


A new king is on the throne in 1892 BCE - Kha-kheper-Re Senusret II, son of Amenemhat II.

Moving his pyramid south, to Lahun, the king initiates a series of building projects in the region of the Faiyum Oasis.

With innovations in tomb security, irrigation projects and a new workers' community all underway at once, it is a period of bustle and hustle in the region of Middle Egypt.

The king himself (Source: TourEgypt.net)

The pyramid of Senusret II, at Lahun. (Source: DePual University)

The crown of Sat-Hathor-Iunet, daughter of Senusret II (Source: Wikipedia)

The crown, as displayed (Source: TourEgypt.net)

The pectoral of Sat-Hathor-Iunet (Source: Wikipedia).



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