Episode 4: The Two Lands Are My Palace

Djoser, Imhotep and Elephantine.


Djoser's Step Pyramid is completed. Imhotep returns, and later becomes a patron deity of wisdom and learning.

Elephantine, one of the best sources for Old Kingdom villages and architecture, gets a look-in.

 2014 update: a pyramid at Edfu has been revealed by Egyptologists! It may be one of the ceremonial pyramids commissioned by Huni up and down the Nile valley. View the photos below or on Live Science.

The ceremonial pyramid of Edfu.



Huni, last king of the Dynasty; father (?) of Sneferu.


A ceremonial pyramid of Huni at Elephantine; not a tomb, this pyramid was built as a southern monument to the king's power (localised around Memphis in the north).