Episode 32: The Repeating of Births

Amenemhat I (Part I) and Neferty's Prophecy.


Amenemhat I, the new ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt, must secure his legitimacy. After his predecessor died without heir, Amenemhat has seized power in a short conflict with two rivals.

To assert his claim to power, he commissions an audacious work of propaganda: The Prophecy of Neferty.

Neferty - a fictional sage of the Fourth Dynasty - prophesieses that Egypt will fall to wrack and ruin. Chaos will reign until a saviour emerges, born in Upper Egypt. His name? Yep, Amenemhat (or "Ameny").

Amenemhat's servant, Khnumhotep I, takes over governorship of Beni Hassan. Here he establishes a local ruling dynasty that will last for many years...


A seated statue of Amenemhat I.


A wall painting from the tomb of Khnumhotep II, son of Khnumhotep I. Beni Hassan, Middle Egypt.



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