Episode 29: The War God

Montuhotep II (Part III) and Nubia.


His rule secured, and Egypt united under one ruler, Nebhepetre Montuhotep II is ready for war once more. 

Into Nubia, the Eastern Desert, and Palestine, Egyptian troops advance their king's agenda. These wars will bring plunder and captives back into the kingdom, perhaps stimulating greater productivity in a Nile Valley still recovering from the Long Drought and the conflicts between Thebes and Herakleopolis.


Montuhotep II.

The imy-rah mesha "overseer of troops" Intef. Servant of Montuhotep II.

The King is embraced by Montu. British Museum.


Fragments of the decoration at Deir el-Bahari. Navile, The XIth Dynasty Temple, Vol. 1.

(G) a soldier grasps the leg of his foe, ready to strike.

Egyptian soldiers attack a fortified town, from the tomb of Intef at Thebes. 11th Dynasty (Brown.edu).


Other fragments of the temple, with scenes of fighting. Navile, Vol. 1.

Nubian warriors of the XIth Dynasty. National Geographic.

Montuhotep's Egyptian kingdom.



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