Episode 28: The King in the North

Montuhotep II (Part II) and His Court.

The Thebans have finally conquered the North, and defeated their rivals - the Herakleopolitan kings.

Now they must deal with an expanded domain and population, with all the administrative headaches those bring. Monuthotep II, the Victorious, begins to re-organise his government and curb the power of provincial officials.

At Deir el-Bahari, the funerary temple is expanded with beautiful statues. Meanwhile, preparations for the war in Nubia continue, aided by the Vizier Dagi and the royal bodyguard, Horus-Hotep.


A colossal statue of Montuhotep II, from Deir el-Bahari. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Two sons (?) of the Vizier Dagi; from his tomb, near Deir el-Bahari.

Cliff-tombs of the XIth Dynasty at Thebes, near Deir el-Bahari (click for larger image).

In the foreground are the remains of a Saite Period (mid-1st Millennium BCE) temple/tomb.

Red arrows indicate the tomb entrances.

At left can be seen Hatshepsut's mortuary temple of Dynasty XVIII.



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